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Uncle Carl predicts the end of the world!

Well, not exactly. Uncle Carl has completed his third CD The End of the World which features the Skeeter Davis song as the title track. This time left to his own devices, Uncle Carl created an album in his home studio. He not only wrote and produced it, but he played all the instruments (much to the chagrin and concern of his band). The Unc is very excited about the release, although he claims he's a bit uncomfortable with some of the songs— "There are a couple of songs that are, I guess you can say somewhat sincere." Hmmm… Still, fans shouldn't be concerned— the new album has what any Uncle Carl lover would hope for: blues tunes, drinking songs, Jesus jingles, and even a ditty that borders on pornographic.

A songwriter/troubadour and master in lyrical character study and storytelling, Uncle Carl is actually an ethereal entity comprised of the alter ego of Carl T. Vreeland ("I'm a stylist," Vreeland maintains), and a group of eclectic musicians who tolerate his self-deprecating persona.

In reviewing Uncle Carl's eponymous first CD (Sha-Shu Records 1001-2), Musician's Exchange called it "A perfect combination of style and substance." The Night Guide proclaimed, "Uncle Carl is Brooklyn's answer to Dr. John." His devoted and enthusiastic fans concur and note that the live concert experience only adds to the recorded mystique.

Uncle Carl's CD Bring Me Your Children was the long-anticipated sophomore effort. After a five year waiting period, Uncle Carl's fans all over the world were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief as the latest ruminations from his own fascinating psyche finally emerged into public view. Produced by Daniel Wise (Maceo Parker, Dog Eat Dog, and Uncle Carl's first CD), Bring Me Your Children is a near perfect musical realization of what it means to be Uncle Carl.

And let's not forget to mention Uncle Carl's stab at a holiday tune "Have a Hap, Hap, Happy Christmas" which was featured in the film Trust The Man (Fox Searchlight Pictures) starring Julianne Moore and David Duchovny. The song is reminiscent of Christmas classics while maintaining a swingin' groove of its own. Uncle Carl also cowrote the song "Closer" performed by Ann Colville, which is also featured in the film, and both songs are on the soundtrack album (Wrong Records). The soundtrack album also contains such artists as Ben Harper, Libby Johnson, Rachael Yamagata, Dave's True Story, Chocolate Genius, and Preacher Man.

Sure there are other stories to be told: Uncle Carl songs have been placed in other films and TV shows such as MTV's Room Raiders, Diary of Ryan Reynolds, Diary of Johnny Knoxville, Date My Mom, E! Network's Gastineau Girls, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and the Samuel L. Jackson Biography on The Biography Channel, among other shows. Uncle Carl was even interviewed over the air on the Howard Stern Channel. Uncle Carl tours with and/or is the musical director for acts like The Tokens, The Crystals, The Shirelles, Little Anthony and the Imperials, and Dion to name a few. Uncle Carl has toured the world and played on network TV talk shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Regis and Kelly. But no matter what the trappings of fame and international success, it all comes down to the music with Uncle Carl.

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